Prof. R.Srinivasan  is with the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of
Science (IISc). He holds a doctoral degree in Management  (FIIM) from the   
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) after basic degree and post-graduate
qualification in  Engineering.  He has also had  post-doctoral training in the University of
Leeds, U.K.

He has more than 31 years of experience in both academia and industry, having served in
some of the reputed organizations in the country like  Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE),   
Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) and  National Institute for Training in Industrial
Engineering (NITIE).   He has served on the  board of several assisted companies. He is a  
visiting faculty and  examiner in some of the reputed institutions in the country.   He has
more than 130 publications in leading international and national journals and has
authored 6 Books.  He has guided 15 students for their research degrees. He holds a record of seven publications in the IABE-2008 annual conference at Las Vegas
, USA. He is also a recipient of a number of awards, notably the International Statistical Institute Award (1983) and the Colombo Plan Award (1989).

He has the distinction of contributing to  Advertising in   India  in the Reader Advertising
Worldwide by  Springer International,   Germany (2000). He has been invited to serve on
the panel to develop International Technology Indicators  by the  Georgia Institute of
Technology,     Atlanta, USA, for 2002-04, 2005-06 and again for 2007-2008.   His paper on
'Developing Measures to Assess the Extent of Sustainable Competitive Advantage Provided
by Business Process Engineering' was adjudged as the 'Best Paper' in the annual conference
of    International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE) at Las Vegas, USA, October
2003. His paper on 'Efficient Optimisation Framework and Algorithms for Shop-floor
Scheduling' was adjudged as the Outstanding Research Paper at IABE 2008, USA.

He has abundant interest in infrastructure development and has worked on a number of
assignments of societal and national interest like the  Socio-Economic Impact Analysis of the
 Bedthi hydel project and more recently, an estimation of the Demand for Solar
Photovoltaic (SPV) cells in Gundlupet, a drought-prone area in the State of Karnataka.  The
Indian Journal of Transport Management has rated the research article on Intermodal
choice in Passenger Transportation: Some Empirical Evidence as the best research article in
2001. He has good exposure to all aspects of project management in addition to
management research, teaching, training and consultancy. He is consulted regularly on
policy issues by number of government bodies including ISRO and Defence. He was recently invited to share his thoughts and expertise in the European Masters Programme in Management at Madrid. His current interests are in developing strategic policy initiatives and strategic marketing.